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Stadsmarkt de Pijp

Stadsmarkt de Pijp This supermarket is the place to be for your grocery. Fresh and good food is the standard here. A nice appearance invites you to walk around and choose awesome products. They have there own cheese and chocolate and innovating every with new products.  Stadsmarkt "De Pijp" is located in the van Woustraat Amsterdam  

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iel en mear, Reduzum - Friesland

Now available in Friesland "Iel en Maer" Fiskerij de Jager This beautiful and local place has a lot to offer. Local products of high quality is there standard. Together with there sustainable outcome and daily fresh products makes this place a GO for us. Very proud to be here with our Avocado Mayo by Mayoneur. www.praamvissenadejager.nl/

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Theehuis 'T Bluk Laren

Theehuis 't Bluk A unique place located in Laren on the edge of the forest and heath!  This beautiful located place has a fantastic terrace on the edge of the heath. Theehuis 'T Bluk has a varying menu with awesome dishes. They offer great walking and cycling routes. That is the kind of spirit we are looking for. They use three pillars for there business: - Social Responsibility  - Local - Family  You can find our avocado mayo here with the Shrimp Croquettes.  www.bluk.nl

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Landmarkt Amsterdam

Landmarkt Schellingwoude Amsterdam  This supermarket is a household name in Amsterdam. The market offers fresh products straight from the farmers, growers and artisan producers. Together they agree: Food should be fun and tasty.  Fair prices for fair products.  www.landmarkt.nl  

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Vegabond Leliegracht

Vegabond All products Plant-Based Located on the beautiful Leliegracht and the cozy De Clercqstraat, Vegabond serves hot coffee, refreshing drinks and delicious plant-based food. From wraps and green juice to raw cakes and plant-based cheese, Vegabond offers a unique all vegan shopping and eating experience. www.vegabond.nl

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